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What is AI Essay Writer?

AI Essay Writer is a platform that provides AI-generated essays according to the given criteria. The software is based on advanced technology that analyzes available data sources that match the initial topic request and generates a corresponding essay. The scope of topics is varied and covers all possible keyword suggestions. With the right keyword(s), the generated content should meet the intended topic and offer a text that is meaningful and academically relevant.

Is it free?

Yes, AI Essay Writer is a free service available for everyone.

Is it safe?

Yes, using AI Essay Writer is safe and confidential. We do not ask for any sensitive data. The generated content is not saved, meaning the essay can’t be traced to our website or other web sources.

How many times can I use it?

As many times as you need, the number of sessions is not limited. You can generate multiple essays on different topics.

How do I use it?

Find the designated field to type your keyword(s) (go to the main page, the first screen). Type your keyword(s) or the entire topic of the essay. Press the button to start the generator. Wait for a little; it takes up to one minute to generate the text. Once finished, your essay will appear on the screen. You can read the full text and download it. If the text doesn’t correspond to your topic search, return to the main page and try other keywords.

What keywords do I use?

Any words that best describe your topic and the main idea behind the essay. It can be one word or more. Alternatively, you can type your topic in the field as it is. However, the less and more precise your search keywords are, the more accurate the results will be.

Where do I generate my essay?

Find the designated field to type your keyword(s) (go to the main page, the first screen).

How is my essay generated?

The technology is based on a match-and-mix approach. First, provided keywords are analyzed and matched with relevant academic sources. Second, the software outlines the structure of the text, assigning various pieces of information for each part and rewriting them for overall content consistency. AI Essay Writer uses an in-house database of essay samples that feature hundreds of thousands of texts across various topics. Additionally, external databases and sources are used to complete the text.

Is my essay original?

It depends. The generator matches data with provided keyword(s), outlines the structure, and rearranges sentences using multiple sources. In the best-case scenario, the generated content is plagiarism-free. However, this also depends on the topic and sources used. Therefore, check the text for plagiarism if you intend to use it for academic purposes.

What if there are no results shown?

There should be no problems with using the generator. You may have misspelled the words in your initial request, so check your keyword(s) and try again. However, if more issues occur, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team.

What other services do you have for free?

Our service offers other helpful tools to improve your writing: citation generator, grammar and spelling checker, plagiarism checker, and title generator. You can use any of these services for free anytime.

What is custom writing help?

Custom writing help is an individual help session with a qualified expert. We match your order with a subject-relevant writer or editor, depending on your request. ‘Custom’ means that your order will be done from scratch and following your instructions. We guarantee that the result will be of the highest quality, plagiarism-free, and delivered by the deadline you choose (deadline options vary from one hour to 30 days).

Therefore, if you need more than just AI-generated content, do not hesitate to get assistance from a human expert.

How do I order custom writing help?

By filling out the form on the main page. You can find the button to go to the form in the description of all our services. Alternatively, contact the support team directly to explain your request.